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The Media Food Drive The Media Food Drive is unique in Quebec. Each year as the Holiday Season approaches, members of the media join forces to help thousands of people in need by collecting non-perishable food and cash donations. Agro Companies of Canada and its subsidiaries AgroHall Ltd. and York Overseas are proud supporters of […]

Latest St-Lawrence conditions The ice situation in the St. Lawrence gulf is still progressing. The ice cover is above 90% (called compact ice). The thickness is 15-30 cm (grey-white ice) and in some area 30-70 cm (first year to thin first-year ice). We are starting to see ice pressure warning as you can see on […]

Latest St-Lawrence conditions Winter started early this year and the ice situation is getting difficult. An ice jam formed on Lake St. Pierre and the Canadian Coast Guard’s ice office issued a notice of “restriction to navigation” on January 22nd stopping navigation between Ile-des-Barques and Sorel. Due to this restriction, 9 vessels downbound and 13 […]

Agro Companies Golf Tournament Held in the heart of the Orford Provincial Park in the Eastern Townships, Agro Companies’ annual golf tournament was our biggest one to date. Despite the crisp autumn morning air, our group had a wonderful time as always and we’re already looking forward to next year. Congratulation to Francisco for being […]

A quarter of a century! 2018 is a special year for AgroHall as we are celebrating our 25th anniversary! At the end of December 2017 and after a quarter of a century of continued success, AgroHall joined Agro Companies International, a leading group in the export of grain to West Africa. June 20th, 2018

The Polar Vortex is back! An injection of mild temperatures near Alaska has cut into the coldest air, the Polar Vortex, mobilizing a developing freezing pattern for many regions across Canada for the month of February. A major outburst of Arctic air flooded in from the Prairie Provinces towards Quebec as the Polar Vortex settled […]

A great vintage Exceptionally located on the shore of Lake Masson and marked by the beautiful weather, AgroHall’s 2017 Golf tournament will definitely be remembered as one of the most successful to date! 25 participants from Europe and North America took part in our event, representing the entire grain industry; with the geese making a […]

New horizon

New horizon Our new office Open House held on June 19th was a great success with more than a hundred guests in attendance. We thank all of our partners and friends who joined us to celebrate this happy event. July 26th, 2017

AgroHall Golf Tournament Agrohall’s 2016 annual golf tournament in Mont-Tremblant (September 16th – 17th) was a great success thanks to all of our guests. It was a pleasure having all the attendees with us and looking forward to be reunited again next year. September 22nd, 2016

New colors for AgroHall Ltd 2016 marks a new change in Agrohall’s visual identity, the company aligns with its family’s brand and integrates into Agro Companies International’s graphic charter. The colors … Green like the nature that provides our products and like the hope that makes them grow with our ambitions! April 29th, 2016

Ice bulletin for Lake St-Pierre area from Sorel to Trois-Rivieres Lake Saint-Pierre was closed to shipping on saturday February 27th, 2016. Restriction to shipping in the Lake was lifted at 20:00 sunday February 28, 2016. Mariners are advised by the Canadian Coast Guard to navigate with extreme caution in the vicinity of and in ice […]

St-Lawrence Seaway Closing The 57th St. Lawrence Seaway navigation season came to a close Wednesday December 30th, 2015 with the passing of the upbound Canadian-flagged CWB Marquis through Eisenhower Lock. Lori K. Curran, director of lock operations and marine services for the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp., said that the favorable weather lead to a […]

Agrohall Golf Tournament

AgroHall Golf Tournament Agrohall’s 2015 golf tournament in Mont-Tremblant (September 11th – 12th) was a great success. It was our biggest turnout to date with full representation from both trade and operations sectors in the grain industry. Thank you to all those who attended. September 16th, 2015

St-Lawrence & Great Lakes Winter Conditions

St-Lawrence & Great Lakes Winter Conditions As of now, the St. Lawrence River has a high concentration of ice up until Montreal; most of which is brash ice/new ice with some areas of grey ice and open water. The majority remains loose and flowing downriver along the shipping lanes due to the natural current and […]

St-Lawrence & Great Lakes Winter Conditions

St-Lawrence & Great Lakes Winter Conditions According to the latest information available, current ice conditions in the St-Lawrence river/gulf are much better versus the same period last year. As of today, there is ice up until the St. Lawrence Estuary extending below Anticosti which is expected for this period. Most of the ice present at […]

Agrohall 5th Annual Golf Tournament

AgroHall’s 5th Annual Golf Tournament Agrohall’s 5th Annual Golf Tournament in Montebello (September 12th – 13th) was a delightful experience despite the bad weather encountered. It was a pleasure having all the attendees with us and looking forward to be reunited again next year. September 24th, 2014

Thunder Bay Updated Report It’s still early to have an overall report, as each supplier/shipper has / is experiencing different performances in the lakes. Three lakers have completed loading ex the Richardson Terminal as they had installed an aeration system some time back which helped keep the ice around the berth less thick and easier […]

Canada & US Exceptional Conditions

Historic-making Conditions in North America Canada and heartland USA went thru a Polar Vortex late December 2013. Since then we have experienced two other polar vortex thru January and February. Not since 1979 has so much of the Great Lakes been coated in ice. In total, about 92 percent of the lakes’ total surface is […]

Golf Tournament

AgroHall Golf Tournament Agrohall’s 20th anniversary golf tournament in Bromont (September 20th – 21st) was a great success. Thank you to all those who attended. October 9th, 2013

20 Years

20 Years 2013 marks a milestone for Agro-Hall as we celebrate 20 years (in its current structure) with a brand new logo and website. We look forward to the next 20 years. Check out our news page for updates! October 9th, 2013