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Canada & US Exceptional Conditions

Historic-making Conditions in North America

Canada and heartland USA went thru a Polar Vortex late December 2013. Since then we have experienced two other polar vortex thru January and February. Not since 1979 has so much of the Great Lakes been coated in ice. In total, about 92 percent of the lakes’ total surface is currently ice-covered. Historically it’s the second-largest accumulation by this date. It’s not usual to get this much ice this early. It’s a tremendous challenge this winter causing the shipping industry to be much slower than normal.

The recent Canadian & US harvests resulted in bumper crops, which have forced farmers to keep large quantities in winter storage until the spring finally arrives.

The sheer volume of the bin-busting harvest weighs heavily on the Canadian grain industry as grain movement slows to a crawl in the dead of winter. CN (Canadian National Railway) and CP (Canadian Pacific Railway) have not kept up with the capacity that’s required to move products from Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba to port. Some suggest that the record crop that is sitting in the bins across the Prairies may well be carried into 2015 before the backlog is totally caught up.

The winter season started with a bang in late December and has played havoc ever since across most of North America. Resulting in backlogs of both Canada & the US rail cars due to the extreme weather conditions experienced.

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March 5th, 2014