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Thunder Bay Updated Report

It’s still early to have an overall report, as each supplier/shipper has / is experiencing different performances in the lakes.

Three lakers have completed loading ex the Richardson Terminal as they had installed an aeration system some time back which helped keep the ice around the berth less thick and easier to break/push out. These lakers are reported to be moving slowly under convoy out of Lake Superior.

Some suppliers’ lakers are in position to load in Thunder Bay and others will only see their first laker availability about May 5th when the 2nd convoy arrives.
Transit time will still be longer than the usual 5 day Lakes/Lawrence and until the first lakers actually exit out of the Seaway we can only estimate about 7 to 8 days transit.
This year’s shipping season has lost approx. 5 weeks of laker navigation which means about 500,000 mt of cargo might be lost during this season unless the time can be made up during the summer/fall by means of unloading lakers around the clock, lakers not waiting for backhaul into the lakes – which remains to be seen.

April 30th, 2014