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The Polar Vortex is back!

An injection of mild temperatures near Alaska has cut into the coldest air, the Polar Vortex, mobilizing a developing freezing pattern for many regions across Canada for the month of February.
A major outburst of Arctic air flooded in from the Prairie Provinces towards Quebec as the Polar Vortex settled over Hudson Bay.
Northern and Central Canada will be the targets of the coldest air, while the Southern part of the country will experience an abundance of winter climate with numerous shots of snow.
Beside the edge of the freezing air, a hyperactive storm track grows along the Canada-US border.
Several chances of accumulating snowfall from the British Columbia mountain ranges to Alberta and into the Great Lakes were expected at the beginning of the month, accompanied by messy storms across Atlantic Canada.
In the second week, a ridge over the Pacific Ocean is expected to build into BC and Alberta, overflowing the west with warmer Pacific air and boosting the cold across the east. How far to the east can this air press is yet to be seen, but it looks like most of the Southern prairies will get a break from the intense cold around mid-month.
Consequently, grain suppliers have been experiencing serious railcar delivery delays, with some hopper cars not moving for as long as 10 days.
This is subsequently starting to cause vessel backlogs both in the St Lawrence and on the West Coast.

February 6th, 2018